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About Us

Welcome to 3D Scan LA Studio, the pioneering force behind professional-grade 3D scanning and Photogrammetry solutions. For over a decade, we’ve been at the forefront of the industry, infusing projects from various sectors with our distinct blend of technology and creativity.

For 12 years, we’ve strived to break boundaries, creating immersive experiences and transforming the realm of possibility with our 3D technology. Our journey has led us to accumulate a wealth of expertise and a robust understanding of 3D scanning applications across a wide array of industries, from architecture and engineering to entertainment and beyond.

Our Journey

Over the years, we have acquired a vast portfolio of domain names, each embodying a unique vision for extending our services or creating an expanded presence in new locations. Each portfolio symbolizes a new journey, a new opportunity to innovate and serve the evolving needs of our industry.

While many of these ventures bloomed into successful extensions of our brand, others did not fare as well. Regardless, each undertaking – successful or otherwise – brought us immense pleasure. They signified our commitment to innovation and our willingness to embrace the evolving landscape of 3D scanning and photogrammetry. For us, each venture has been a testament to the groundbreaking nature of our work, reflecting how our services have been embraced as a valuable and transformative approach to 3D imagery.

Throughout this journey, our team of dedicated professionals and 3D artists have been instrumental. Their unwavering commitment, passion, and expertise have been key to our success story, driving us to deliver on every project and continue exceeding our clients’ expectations.

The Future

As we turn towards the future, we are excited to announce a unique opportunity. 3D Scan LA Studio, along with our associated assets, including our extensive domain portfolio and studio assets, is up for sale.

This sale encompasses all our cutting-edge 3D scanning equipment, digital assets, intellectual property, and our comprehensive portfolio of work. We offer prospective buyers the chance to take the reins of a fully operational business with a stellar reputation in the 3D industry.

This sale isn’t merely a business transaction – it’s a chance to continue and expand upon a legacy of groundbreaking innovation in the 3D scanning industry.

To ensure a smooth process and protect the privacy and integrity of the sale, we will be carefully vetting all inquiries. This is an important step in identifying serious potential buyers who align with our business vision and values.

We thank you for your interest in 3DScanLA Studios, LLC, and look forward to discussing this exciting opportunity with you in more detail.

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